We’re two best friends (four years strong!) that have bonded over volunteering, matching outfits and bad young-adult series. After being roommates for a year, our same brain capacity has peaked over 100%.

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A L I A  K H A N

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I am an Algonquin Student about to study Interactive Media Design in Ottawa, Ontario. I spend a lot of my days sleeping and my nights working (so I usually end up wondering where the sun is). I like to spend my time drawing, scrolling through the funnies on tumblr, binge-watching TV shows and making the good times roll (literally, because Dungeons & Dragons is a thing for me). I’m twenty-five and I’m a Libra, which means I’m always doing a little bit of everything because deciding is hard.

J U L I A  A G R I S

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1620946_10152683727569816_175872964_nI am a uOttawa Communications grad from Mississauga who is suffering from wanderlust (I lived in South Korea for over a year). I can be caught spending too much time laughing about surreal nonsense, reading up on social issues, bopping to oldies (but goodies), joining fandoms and reblogging for the aesthetic. I live for the 90’s and all things fashion-related. I am a twenty-five year old photographer who likes to find happiness in the little things. Unlike Alia, I can be found in either Ottawa or the GTA depending on the season.


Where are you from?

A: I immigrated to Canada with my family from Pakistan when I was seven. I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario.

J: I’m from Mississauga, Ontario but moved to Ottawa for university. Then I moved to Pohang, South Korea to teach. UPDATE October 2017: Now I’m back in Mississauga!

How did you meet?

A: Julia and her boyfriend came over to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer and there’s no going back from that.

J: Through my boyfriend and mutual friends but we became closer by watching cheesy movies.

How tall are you?

A: I’m 5’8″.

J: 5’6″… and a half!

What’s your ethnicity?

A: Half Filipino, Half Pakistani (but if you want to get technical, a little bit Spanish as well!)

J: Fully Filipino – first generation Canadian!