December 22nd-24th 2017

  • #bookish: Looking for your next read? Check out the official winners of the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards for some inspiration!
  • Early Retirement: This eleven year old has 99 problems but money ain’t one.
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  • Going Green: Between your lifestyle and planet earth who would win?
  • #throwback: Remember when Buzzfeed quizzes first became a thing? So do we.
  • A Christmas Prince aka the best-worst Netflix original ever.
  • #instagood: Are you worthy? Check out this great MUA on the ‘gram, she makes her own highlighters and they’re amaaaazing!
  • Year in Review:

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The LIAs are Alia Khan & Julia Agris. We’re two Canadian Ravenclaws just tryna use their wit to create a lifestyle blog and etsy shop! We talk about: books, fashion, music and general geekery. Us working together has always been an idea we’ve talked about / kinda done but never fully committed to. But as Hilary Duff once said, “Why not?” and here we are now finally doing what we’ve always talked about. So now here we are! We want to focus on our strengths and come together to bring you this lovely, little blog. This blog will be a learning curve but we hope you enjoy it. We want to share our ideas and opinions on all the things we like. We hope you like them too x #TheLIAs are Alia Khan & Julia Agris

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